Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today is voting day.  Voters across the nation will decide a number of statewide issues including who will live in the governor’s mansion in Kentucky and Mississippi.  In Ohio voters will decide whether to repeal a law that that limits the collective bargaining rights of 350,000 government workers and whether people should be required to purchase health care coverage under the President’s health care reform bill.  Similar issues will be decided in states all across the country.
Our purpose here is not to debate the pros or cons of these issues.  Our purpose is simply to encourage you to take the time to vote.
We live in a country where every citizen has a say in the way in which we live our lives.  It is a right, a responsibility, and yes, a privilege that is denied to billions of people across the world.  Our forefathers fought for it and many of our parents and grandparents died for it.
Whatever your party affiliation…whatever your views…we encourage you to take the time today to express them in the only way that really matters.  Complete the task that is the essence of who we are as a country.

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