Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank A Veteran Today

Today is Veteran’s Day.  It is the day we acknowledge and honor those who provide the ultimate public service.
Most of us won’t.  Caught up in our busy daily lives, most of us won’t pause for a second to think about how very different our lives would be if not for those who volunteer to serve.
 That’s the key word…volunteer.  We tend to take for granted that we don’t have mandatory military service in this country.  Those that volunteer do so knowing full well that in this time of war they may be asked to give the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country.  Not many of us have the courage to do that.
We don’t mean to get all schmaltzy about this…but it is true.  Take a moment to seriously consider giving your life for your country.  It is a very sobering thought and it provides a whole different perspective to the words “serving your country.”
So today, if you know a veteran or if you pass a member of the military on the street, take just a moment to thank them for their service.  It is the very least we can give to those who have given so much.
To all the members of the military, past and present…thank you for your service.

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