Friday, November 18, 2011

Paving The Way For A Third Party Candidate

It is looking more and more likely that the Super Committee is a super dud.  The committee,  established as a last ditch effort  to reach  a compromise on cutting the deficit, shows no sign of progress as the November 23rd deadline looms ever closer.
 For the past six months they have worked toward the goal of cutting the $15 trillion dollar deficit by a paltry $1.2 trillion dollars. The committee itself was stacked by both parties with partisan representatives, specifically chosen because they would never waiver from their ideology. The idea that the committee would be able to set ideology aside in order to craft a meaningful solution was never in the cards.  “What’s next?” is a question no one in Washington can answer.
There is growing evidence that the American people are fed up with the ideological disease that has infected Washington.  The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements are the most visible examples of this unrest.  One hates government…the other hates big business.  Both are dissatisfied with the lack of leadership emanating from the Hill.  Both want change.
The Congressional approval rate stands at 9%.  How bad is that?  11% of the population would like to see the country go Communist.  40% of the population approves of the IRS.  BP had a 16% approval rating during the gulf oil spill.   
So what if anything does this mean?  It means that the country is becoming more open to a third political party.  The groundwork is being laid for someone who speaks in complete pragmatic sentences instead of ideological sound bites; someone willing to buck the traditional cronyism that pervades Washington.  It won’t happen during this election cycle.  But if the current gridlock continues it would not surprise us to see third party candidates emerge in 2016.       
As Republicans and Democrats alike continue to put party and politics over pragmatism and common sense they open the door for an alternative.  We believe that this time it could really happen.          

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