Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The magical mystery tour that is the Republican campaign for President took another trip down the yellow brick road yesterday.  One after another the candidates meandered through the land of wild mushrooms and pixy dust.
Frontrunner Mitt Romney started things off in the important swing state of Ohio.  Romney was pressed for his stance on the most important local issue facing Ohio voters next Tuesday; Ohio
SB-5.  Ohio SB-5 is unpopular Republican Governor Kasich’s attempt to outlaw collective bargaining rights for government workers.  The law is wildly unpopular and certain to be repealed when Ohioans vote next week.  Never one to take a firm stand on any controversy Romney held true to form, and within 24 hours flip- flopped on the issue.  He eventually said he supported the governor’s efforts but his reputation as a slithering flip flopper was secured.  Romney continued to avoid the Sunday talk shows and has declined all in-depth interview requests, apparently realizing his lack of conviction would be laid bare by seasoned interviewers.   
Then came Rick Perry, whose speech before a conservative group in New Hampshire caused viewers to seriously question his blood/alcohol content.  So bizarre and nonsensical was the Perry speech that words cannot do it justice.  The speech has gone viral; so you’ll have to view it on YouTube in order to get the full affect.  Those who recall the “screaming speech” that torpedoed former Governor Howard Dean’s presidential aspirations will feel a sense of déjà vu.
Perry’s speech would have captured the media’s attention if not for the continued saga of Herman Cain.  POLITICO became aware of facts indicating that Cain had been accused of sexual harassment by two women while serving as President of the National Restaurant Association back in the 90’s.  The women allegedly agreed to out of court settlements.  POLITICO gave Cain ten days to respond before running the story.  Once the story hit Cain stumbled and bumble his response so badly that one has to question his qualifications to run a lemonade stand much less the United States of America.  During a twelve hour period Cain appeared publically four times to address the issue.  Each time he changed his story.  At one point when POLTICO asked about the incident, Cain turned the question around asking if the reporter could remember every incident that occurred in his life 12 years ago.  We can’t speak for Mr. Cain or the POLTICO reporter…but if we had been accused of sexual harassment 12 years ago we are quite certain that we would remember the details.  Cain finally found clarity and remembered that something happened sometime during his time at the association, and that some money was paid for something.
Lost in all the fog of the Romney/Perry/Cain fairy tale was Newt Gingrich.  Gingrich, who claims to be a serious candidate, was apparently out drumming up support for the Oslo Caucuses.  Gingrich dialed in to an event in Oslo yesterday.  Why?  We don’t know.
Palin, Trump, Gingrich, Romney, Perry and Cain…apparently these are the best of the best that the Republican Party has to offer for the position of President of the United States. 
You would think that the party who has so successfully blocked virtually every proposal offered by a very popular Democratic President could do better.
Stay tuned as the magical mystery tour continues.

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