Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jon Huntsman...The Invisible Man

What is the deal with Republicans and Jon Huntsman?  Why is the guy who is by far the most qualified of all the Republican hopefuls polling at 8% of the vote?  Why is Jon Huntsman seemingly invisible to the Republican electorate?

Let’s examine his record and his position on the issues.

Huntsman is the former governor of Utah…so he knows how to run a big political organization and work within budgetary constraints.  During his term as governor Utah ranked #1 in job creation.

Huntsman is the former ambassador to China…our largest economic competitor.  His knowledge of the Chinese culture and his foreign policy bona fides are vastly superior to all the other candidates.

He is strong on the NRA and a strong advocate of pro-life.

His economic plan is the most comprehensive proposal proffered by any of the candidates and is endorsed by the Wall street Journal.  Yesterday Huntsman provided one of the most salient moments in the campaign when he spoke about his plans to end too big to fail. His plan includes a cap on the size banks would be allowed to grow as well as caps on the amount they would be allowed to leverage.  He would shut down Fannie and Freddie and he would repeal Dodd-Frank.  He is the only candidate who has shown the courage to address this issue.

And last but not least…Huntsman believes that capitalism means that the function of government is to create an environment that encourages business development but allows those that are unable to compete to fail.

He is educated, well spoken, and photogenic; and as far as we know maintains a skeleton free closet.

In short, Jon huntsman is the only true conservative running for the Republican nomination; and he is the only candidate qualified to hold the office of President of the United States.

It’s too bad the Republican Party cannot see this.  While they continue to parade one flawed candidate after another before the blinding lights of public scrutiny; the only candidate currently running who has a chance to beat Obama remains invisible.       

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