Monday, November 28, 2011

Needed: 1.) Brokered Convention

Newt Gingrich garnered a huge feather in his cap Sunday when the New Hampshire Union Leader announced that it was supporting Gingrich for the Republican nomination.  The Union Leader is the state’s largest and most influential newspaper; and its endorsement carries substantial weight on both the local and national stage.
As a long time proponent of conservative values one would assume that the Union Leader is endorsing Newt as a champion of their cause.  Therefore it is curious how they are able to square their conservative values with Newt’s not so conservative past. 
Perhaps they didn’t realize that Newt supported the $7 trillion dollar Medicare Prescription Drug Plan; one of the largest social welfare programs in our nation’s history.  Perhaps they didn’t realize that Newt supported Ted Kennedy’s immigration policy for amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Maybe they didn’t know that Newt supported ethanol subsidies or the individual mandate.  Or maybe they just forgot they he called Paul Ryan’s deficit reduction plan “right wing social engineering.”
 Maybe they just didn’t realize that Newt flip flops more than Willard Mitt Romney.
The fact is this endorsement isn’t about Newt…it’s about Romney.  The traditional conservatives hate Mitt so much so that even Newt looks good to them.   Even the endorsement itself is telling; calling Newt: “the best candidate who is running.”
The Republican nominating process is a mess.  Romney is the leader but 75% of conservatives do not like nor trust him.  Gingrich is a shill.  And the only true conservative of substance is Huntsman…who can’t stop acting like a diplomat long enough to actually campaign like he wants the job.
So here is a little tip for the Republican Party.
If Republicans really want to beat Obama their only true path to victory is through a brokered convention.  It would be ugly and messy and lot of political blood would be spilled.  But only through a brokered convention could a candidate like Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, Mitch Daniels or Chris Christie emerge.  Any of these four would give Obama a run. 
Otherwise it’s all about Mitt…and Democrats would like nothing better.   

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