Monday, November 14, 2011

Next Up...Newt!

On the heels of last Saturday’s debates Newt Gingrich is the new flavor of the month in the “Anybody but Romney” race for the Republican nomination.  According to several polls released today, Gingrich has moved into a statistical tie with Mitt Romney and the fading Herman Cain.
If you watched the debate, which several local TV affiliates abandoned after the first hour to air an NCIS rerun, you know that leading this weak field is merely being the best of a sorry lot.  Each candidate illustrated in his or her own unique way that they are unqualified to be President of the United States.
Herman Cain clearly demonstrated that he is over his head in the foreign affairs arena.  Cain could not provide one minute of substantive foreign policy detail.  Saying that you would surround yourself with international experts and seek their counsel doesn’t cut it.
Michelle Bachmann informed us that the CIA is run by the ACLU and that we should follow China’s lead in ridding ourselves of the social safety net that drains our economy.  “After all” she said, “China doesn’t have ADTC and their economy is growing.”???
Mitt and Rick Perry want to bomb or invade Iran, Pakistan and any other nation that doesn’t do our bidding.
And then there’s Newt.  Newt continues to bloviate and hawks his books and movie productions like a carnival barker.  His book tour turned political campaign has surprisingly gained some footing since his campaign staff abandoned him en masse last summer.  Now he finds himself in a dead heat with Romney.  If he can discipline himself to spend time on the campaign trail instead of cruise ships; and if he can filter what goes on in his mind from passing through his lips, he might have a chance when the Iowa Caucuses begin.  His three marriages and million dollar line of credit at Tiffany’s will not enamor him with Joe six-pack; but who knows what the future holds for this three ring circus.
Meanwhile, near the bottom of the polls lies the only candidate with the experience and bone fides to give Obama a run.  But Jon Huntsman continues to act like a diplomat rather than a guy who really wants to be President.         


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