Friday, March 18, 2011

US Going To War Again

The UN passed a resolution yesterday authorizing the use of military forces to quell the violence in Libya.  The Obama administration no doubt gave a sigh of relief.  The President has been quite clear in his belief that Gadhafi must go.  Had the UN failed to deliver the political cover that US officials had quietly hoped for, the US would have been on their own in backing up the President’s rhetoric.  Make no mistake that even though this resolution has the backing of a majority of the world’s governments this will be a United States operation with United States lives on the line.  
The United States has apparently decided that it is within our purview to declare war and use military force against a country that has not posed any threat to our security.  Make no mistake about it, the implementation of a No Fly Zone and the insertion of US military ground forces, is an act of war on Libya.  Vietnam, Somalia and Iraq have already gone down in  history as failed acts of military intervention that resulted in incalculable losses in American blood and treasure.  Will Libya be next?

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