Monday, March 7, 2011

Prepping For Our Next War

There has been a lot of talk lately about the United States imposing a “No Fly Zone” over Libya in order to keep Gadhafi from bombing the protestors and massacring his citizens.  .  Defense Secretary Gates has responded urging caution.  He says such an exercise would require bombing Libyan runways, communications sites and anti-aircraft installations to keep Libyan forces from attacking US aircraft while they enforce the no fly restriction.
Senators Kerry, McCain and McConnell disagree.   They are pushing the White House to intervene in the Libyan crises.  They want the President to enforce a “No Fly Zone” over Libyan territory.  Senator McConnell would also like the President to offer assistance to the opposition forces in the form of advisors or equipment.
Senator Kerry has been the most vocal.   He feels that by simply bombing Libyan runways we would halt Gadhafi’s air operations against the protestors.  And he says that this would be a short operation that would not require our involvement for a long period of time.   He does not feel that such an operation would constitute a military intervention.  Senator McCain shares his views.
Are these people crazy?  Do they not realize that our military is already stretched to the breaking point in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Do they not realize the toll that these multiple deployments are having on our troops and their families?  Do they not remember that World War I and the Viet Nam wars were suppose to be  “short wars” where our involvement started by sending in advisors and equipment?  Do they really believe that bombing Libyan runways, telecommunications sites and anti-aircraft installations would not constitute an unprovoked act of war by the United States? 
Perhaps someone should ask the Senators how they would feel if a foreign country decided to conduct a bombing run on JFK international.  Would the Senators consider that an act of war?
What is this sudden interest in Libya about?  Is this about protecting the protestors?   There are violent uprisings going on all over the world on a daily basis. Should we intervene in all of them?
Is this about oil?  Most of the oil from Libya is going to China.  Why would we endanger our pilots to protect oil flowing to China?
And why us?  Why must the United States always be the one to step in?  If there is a valid reason to intervene in Libya militarily then why can’t NATO or the UN take the lead?    
Senator McConnell is clueless.  Senators Kerry and McCain should know better.

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