Thursday, March 24, 2011

Putting Things In Perspective

Putting things in their proper perspective is always a good idea.  Let’s give it a shot.
The cost of our intervention into Libya reached $1 billion dollars yesterday.  Just think what we could do with an extra billion dollars back home….like NOT cutting home heating oil assistance for the elderly.
The President has said that our spearheading the Libyan mission will end “soon” after which we will hand things over to our “coalition partners”.  Secretary of Defense Gates said that could happen as soon as Saturday.  Let’s hope so because it has taken us only 6 days to spend that $1 billion dollars.  The meter is ticking.
If you think $1 billion is a lot of money…each year our government gives $46 billion in subsidies to the richest most profitable companies in the world…the oil companies.  Just think what we could do with an extra $46 billion dollars back home…like…  It makes your head hurt doesn’t it?
The United States end game in Libya seems unclear.  The President has said that we are there strictly as part of a humanitarian effort to protect the Libyan people.  He has also said that Gadhafi must go.  Which is it?  What happens if Gadhafi stays?  Colin Powell once advised that you never use military force unless you are absolutely clear as to the reason for going in and the trigger which will signal your withdrawal.  He also cautioned that once the United States commits to using military force in a country they are also committing to rebuilding that country after the war is over.  He gave that advice to George W. Bush prior to Bush declaring war on Iraq.  Bush didn’t listen.  Apparently neither did Obama.
George W. Bush was considered a wartime President; Wilson on steroids.  Then Senator Obama was often critical of Bush’s wartime policies during his Presidential campaign. Since winning the Nobel Peace Prize now President Obama has continued virtually every one of George Bush’s wartime policies.
When George Bush left office we were involved in a military conflict in two Muslim countries:  Iraq and Afghanistan.  We are now involved in a military conflict in four Muslim countries:  Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya.
Syrian security forces continued their crackdown on protestors; firing into the crowds and killing fifteen.  Watch out Syria…you could be Muslim country number five.  
In a recent unscientific poll 1500 people were asked to raise their hands if they were pleased with the direction in which the country is going.  No one raised their hand.  They were then asked which Republican could beat President Obama in the 2012 election.  No one raised their hand.
The latest Gallup poll shows the Presidents’ approval rating has dropped to 44%.  Seven days ago he was at 51%.  Six days ago we attacked Libya.  Translation…the American people don’t want us in Libya and if Obama wants to win re-election he should leave Libya…soon…with a win.         

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