Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Libya: We Have Seen This Movie Before

David E. Sanger and Thom Shanker penned an article in the New York Times titled; “Washington’s Role in Libya Grows Complex”.  In the article they go into great detail of the political and moral dilemma facing the President as he decides whether or not to insert the United States military into the Libyan conflict.  Nowhere in their article do they make the one salient point that seems so crystal clear to us.
This is not our war.  This is a civil war that bears no threat to our national security or our way of life.  It is none of our business.  And though it is heart wrenching to see the protestors reaching out for our assistance, we do not have the money or the available military assets to intervene.  We are broke and our military is stretched to the limit. 
Even if we had the funds and the available military forces it would still be wrong for us to intervene.  Contrary to the belief of many of our elected officials, it is not our divine provenance to insert ourselves into every conflict that erupts across the globe.  The unrest in Libya should be resolved by the Libyan people.  Any outside intervention should come from NATO, the Arab League or the African Union.
Why?  Because here is how the insertion of US military forces will play out.  The US will try to establish a “No Fly Zone” to prevent Gadhafi from massacring the protestors with his air force.  That will mean that the US military will bomb Libyan runways, communications sites and anti-aircraft installations.  Hundreds if not thousands of people will die in these air attacks.  The next day Al Jazzier will show the mutilated bodies along with the banner: “US Military Attacks another Muslim Nation Killing Innocent Muslim Women and Children.”  Video clips of these stories will be shown throughout the Arab world.  They will be used as tools to recruit more terrorists and embolden more suicide bombers.  Terrorist attacks against US interests will escalate.  Our military presence in the region will ramp up to ward off those attacks.  And a new Iraq/Afghanistan will be born.
We have seen this movie before.  The end is not pretty.        


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