Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Homeland Security Targets Islam

The Homeland Security Committee will begin conducting hearings tomorrow on the impact of radical Islam here in the United States. Chaired by New York Representative Peter King, the committee will investigate the increase in Islamic terrorist plots within our borders.  
Democrats are outraged.  Many are comparing these hearings to McCarthyism and the internment of Japanese US citizens during WW II.  House Republican leaders are not thrilled about the hearings either.  They fear the hearings will pose an inflammatory distraction as they try to focus Congress on the economy.
Chairman King will not be deterred.  He has been vocal in his beliefs that there is a growing threat from radical Islamic terrorist cells here in the US.  He has often said that America has too many mosques and that as many as 85% of Muslim leaders were not cooperating with authorities. Now, as Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, he can bring his views to forefront of the debate.
Is there anyone that believes that this will end well? 
Like it or not Muslims throughout the world will see these hearings as an attack on their religion.  Peace minded Muslims will watch these hearings play out on CSPAN and wonder if their radical members are right; that America hates all Muslims and profiles all of them in the same discriminatory fashion.    
And what’s next?  Phones are being wiretapped. Personal emails are being read.  Random pat downs by airport security profile persons of Middle Eastern decent.   “Persons of interest” are detained for months and years without due process.  Now we stage public hearings targeting their religion.   
Chairman King says that radical Islamic terrorists are recruiting new members with the intent of doing us harm.   He needs to broaden his prospective.  All cross this country White, Black, Asian and Hispanic gangs rain fear and violence on the weakest of society.  They recruit children as members.  They breed hatred and violence and a distain for authority.  Should we investigate and round up every gang member or everyone who fails to denounce gang violence or balks at helping the authorities?
Chairman King wants to investigate “persons who fail to denounce Islamic terrorism.  He means Muslims. He believes radical Islam must be investigated regardless of whose sensibilities are offended.  It should be noted that this is the same Peter King who publically supported the IRA.
These hearings are little more than a publicity stunt.  If you feel that strongly about the threat posed by radical Muslims then do the hard police work necessary to make your case and bring the guilty to justice.  Targeting and entire religion for the actions of a few is just wrong; particularly in a country boasts freedom of religion.
The only thing that these hearings will accomplish will be to incite more terrorist attacks and turn a billion Muslims against us.  Can’t you see Thursday’s lead story on Al Jazzier?  “US Homeland Security Targets Islam.”                

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