Friday, March 18, 2011

Donald "Trumps" Sheen

Sometimes you just need to laugh.  With all of the horrible things going on around the world we thought that it might be good for the soul to take the time for a little levity.
Over the past few weeks we watched with humor and sadness the tragedy that is Charlie Sheen.  We watched with great fascination as Charlie explained his Adonis DNA and his superstar status.  He told us how great he was and explained that our average minds could not contemplate the incredible capabilities of all things Charlie.  Watching Sheen was like viewing a terrible car accident.  You don’t want to look but you cannot bring yourself to look away.  His story is a tragic lesson on what happens when drug abuse meets self entitled materialism.
But when the humor of Charlie’s ranting morphed into sadness and our living rooms were filled with all the world’s difficulties… Donald Trump granted ABC an interview and spoke of his possible candidacy for President of the United States.
Not since Sarah Palin gave her self- serving remarks in the aftermath of theTuscon shootings have we witnessed such a display of self absorbed, self promoting narcissistic bull.  Make no mistake Trump does not lack for confidence.  It is almost embarrassing to watch as he lectures on how great it is to be “The Donald”.  Trump set the stage for the interview…his plush, lavishly appointed private jet.  He often spoke in the third person.  He spoke of his brilliance: “I’m a very smart guy.  I got good grades from the best school in the country, the Wharton school of Business”.  He spoke of his wealth:  “Part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich.”  When asked if he could raise the estimated $600 million necessary for a campaign he said he would put it up himself.  When pressed on whether he had that much money he said “do I have $600 million? Yes!  I have much more.”  And he spoke of his lasting impact on people:  “if you interviewed people in my kindergarten class they would remember me.”  It was classic Trump.
At least Charlie Sheen could explain his behavior as the result of years of drug abuse.  Trump has no such excuse.  And he is seriously contemplating running for President.  Maybe it’s not so funny after all.    

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