Monday, May 20, 2013

Mr. President: Keep The Country Moving Forward

This is interesting.
With all the “scandals” surrounding this administration over the past few weeks you would expect the president’s popularity to be taking a hit.  Actually quite the opposite is happening.
According to the latest CNN opinion poll the president’s approval rating stands at 53%; a 2% increase over last month.   Apparently the American people have been able to sort through the hair-on-fire machinations of the president’s opponents and see them for the political echo chamber that they really are.
The people like this guy.  It’s time for him to take advantage of his likability.  It’s time to go on the offensive.
The president is good at making speeches.  We’d like to see him make another one…on a big stage…with big specific plans about creating jobs and fixing the economy.  We’d like to see him draw a stark contrast between his looking to the future while his opponents wallow in the past. 
The president has acknowledged that mistakes were made.  He has expressed his outrage and vowed to correct the situations.  “But America can’t stand still.  We have to move forward.”
Tell us how Mr. President.  Give us the specifics.  And then stay on point like a pit bull on a bone.
Yes, the Republican led hearings will continue and the president’s opponents will do everything in their power to use this opportunity to halt his agenda.  But Washington should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. 
The American people don’t like what happened in Benghazi, or at the IRS or at the Justice department.  They want steps taken to make certain that these events never happen again.  The president needs to assure them that he gets it and that he will do what is necessary to make things right.
But what the people really care about are jobs, the economy and their livelihood. 
The president needs to tap into that and keep the country moving forward.

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