Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cut this...Cut that...Whoa don't cut THAT!

Republicans like spending cuts.  They like spending cuts almost as much as they like their guns.
If you want to cut the size of government…”shrink it down to where you can drown it in a bathtub”… Grover Nordquist and his boys have got your back.
Do you want to cut food stamps…John Boehner’s right there with you.
Do you want to cut Meals on Wheels…Mitch McConnell’s your wingman.
Want to cut Head Start…Paul Ryan’s got you covered.
Do you want to furlough a bunch of air traffic controllers…
I said, do you want to furlough a bunch of air traffic controllers…
Let’s try this…Do you want to close Yellowstone for the summer…
How about cancelling White House tours…
Hello!  Are you with me?  Where did everybody go?
Republicans like spending cuts.  As long as those spending cuts don’t affect well healed businessmen and tourists with enough dough to take a vacation. 
Pissed off because the FAA furloughs have you waiting a bit too long at the airport…John Boehner will take care of that for you.
Need those food stamps to survive…sorry ‘bout your luck.


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