Friday, May 17, 2013

Missed Opportunity!

Every once in a while life presents each of us a golden opportunity to succeed.  We don’t necessarily deserve it.  We didn’t do anything to earn it.  It just falls in our lap.  And the manner in which we handle that opportunity can go a long way toward determining our future success or failure.
The Obama administration, by way of the IRS has handed the Republicans such an opportunity.  The question is how will they handle it.
The partisan divide that separates Democrats from Republicans stems from the very core of their beliefs.  Democrats believe that government can and should play an important role in improving the lives of the people.  They believe that government can be trusted to do what is best its citizens.   Republicans believe that government is intrusive and serves as an unnecessary impediment to our individual freedom.  They believe that government is incompetent at best and corrupt at worst.
The IRS “scandal” plays right into Republicans hands.  The events which occurred at the IRS are at the very least evidence of incompetence.  Whether corruption has permeated the organization is yet to be seen.  Either way, it is not good for the White House.
The IRS plays an important role in the lives of every American.  The agency has virtually unlimited power to make one’s life a living hell.  Therefore the credibility of the IRS must be sacrosanct.   Any question as to the credibility and fairness of this agency will have a rippling effect throughout the federal government.
So how will Republicans handle this golden political opportunity?  So far the answer is…not well.
“Nixon”… “Watergate”… “Criminal”…“Impeachment”…these are just a few of the “hair-on-fire” responses from Republicans on the Hill after learning that the IRS had inappropriately targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny.  Having learned that the president had fired the acting IRS chairman, Speaker Boehner said: “I want to know who is going to jail.”
This is the hate speech that we have come to expect whenever Republicans have a gripe against this administration.  Fear and loathing overwhelms common sense.  It seems that whenever the Republican Party has an opportunity to look its best in seems to look its worst.  Whenever there is blood in the water the wackos come out to play.  We haven’t seen right wing star Michelle Bachman since she was slaughtered in the Republican primaries.  But there she was this week spouting conspiracy theories at every turn.
This is Republican overreach at its finest.  Republicans don’t have to do anything.  The facts speak for themselves…their small government argument playing out for all to see.    The president is operating without a net.  Not only did he fail to cultivate relationships with his Republican opponents he didn’t bother to reach out to his Democrat supporters either.  Consequently members of his party have joined in the rioting in the streets.  “Ye shall reap what ye shall sew.”  Republicans can be the adult in the room while the Democrats implode and the press goes postal.  But they just can’t help themselves.
Republicans have an opportunity to follow their national chairman’s advice and “stop being the stupid party.”  The early returns are not promising.

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