Sunday, May 26, 2013

Breaking News!

Have you noticed the change in message from the Republican Party?
It used to be all you heard them talk about were the president’s “failed policies” on the economy.  But that dog won’t hunt anymore because the “failed policies of the Obama administration” are working…much to the chagrin of Boehner and McConnell.
The economy has strengthened over the past two years.  Consumer spending is up and the polls show consumer confidence is growing.  Auto and housing sales are rising.  Just last week Ford announced that it will be hiring 44,000 additional workers to staff rising production demands.  The DOW is closing at record highs. The budget deficit is dropping faster than expected.  According to the CBO the deficit will drop this year to $642 billion after four straight years of red numbers over a trillion.
The president’s economic agenda is working.  On the international front, he got bin Laden has kept us safe. (Note to Republicans…you say Boston Marathon bombing…we say 9/11.)
So when the president’s policies are working and his favorability ratings are rising what the hell do you do if you are a Republican?
You blame the president for the Benghazi attack, for the IRS improprieties and for the Justice department’s assault on the first amendment.
We have always said that a sitting president gets all the blame and all the glory for events that occur on his/her watch.  These three events will certainly stall the president’s agenda moving forward.
Thank God for “scandals” because without them there would be nothing for Republicans to talk about.
We have been saying for years that the president’s policies are working. 
Breaking news!  The AP just picked up the story.

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