Thursday, May 16, 2013


We doubt that the president read our recent blog, but somebody finally got his ear.
The president stepped out of the bubble yesterday and forcefully addressed the three “scandals” that have threatened to derail his administration.
He expressed his outrage over the actions of IRS agents who targeted conservative groups.  He fired the acting IRS commissioner and promised that future actions would be forthcoming.
The White House released over 100 pages of previously classified emails pertaining to the Benghazi incident.  The emails clearly show that that the White House played no part in “scrubbing “the content of the controversial talking points used by Susan Rice on the Sunday talk shows.  They show that the CIA wanted any reference to terrorist organizations removed from the talking points because there was an ongoing CIA and FBI investigation as to the perpetrators of the attacks that killed four Americans including Ambassador Stephens.  The emails prove that the Republican accusations of a White House cover up for political reasons are unfounded.
The White House addressed the AP scandal, announcing its support for legislation that would put into effect a federal “shield law” protecting reporters and their sources.  40 states currently have “shield laws” in place.  Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is expected to announce the bill at a news conference today.  The purpose is to protect the first amendment rights of reporters within the framework of doing their jobs.
On another matter outside the three highly publicized scandals…the president will meet today with the Joint Chiefs to address the highly publicized revelations of sexual abuse within the military.  The president condemned those in the military who prey sexually on their rank subordinates.  He called for their prosecution and dishonorable discharge.  It is believed that he will seek changes that allow victims to seek redress outside the military chain of command.  Sexual abuse is rampant in the military.  The VA reports that they are currently treating over 50,000 MEN who have been abused sexually by their superiors.
This is the Barak Obama that his supporters have been waiting for…visibly angry over the abuse within his administration…handing out punishment to the perpetrators…taking decisive steps to make certain the abuse of power doesn’t happen again. 
The president stepped up.  He “owned” it.  And he responded in a clear decisive manner.
This is not over.  The situation at the IRS in particular will have a long shelf life with the American people.  These “scandals” have handed the president’s opponents a platter full of red meat.  They will play loose with the facts to gain an advantage. 
The president likes to make a public pronouncement on a subject and move on.  As if his word should be enough.  That doesn’t work.  He has to stay on this and make sure that his statements are backed up by decisive and effective action.  Only then will he have any chance of executing his second term agenda.
The president had a good day yesterday.  We need to see more of that Barak Obama.


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