Monday, August 19, 2013

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EGYPT – The Obama administration is “considering” discontinuing the $1.3 billion in aid given annually to the Egyptian government.  Apparently the administration “may” have issue with the Egyptian military gunning down hundreds of Egyptians protesting the ouster of their democratically elected president in a military coup.  The administration says that their decision will come in the “next several weeks or months.”
This is the kind of Washington mental masturbation that can drive one crazy.
The Morsi government was elected to office by means of free, democratic elections.  The Egyptian military, in response to anti-Morsi protestors, staged a military coup, removed Morsi from power and promised to hold another round of elections in the coming months.  When pro-Morsi factions took to the streets in protest they were fired upon by Egyptian military forces.  Hundreds have been killed…thousands injured.
The United States sends $1.3 billion in aid to Egypt annually.  99% of that aid goes directly to the Egyptian military.  100% of that aid comes from borrowed funds that we cannot afford.
We are sending funds we cannot afford to a military whose actions we do not support.
What is there to “consider”?
REPUBLICANS – There is a debate going on in the Republican Party right now that involves two issues that are key to the financial future of the country and its citizens: 1.) Should Republicans support a continuing resolution to keep the government running if that resolution includes funding for Obamacare or should they refuse and shut down the government  and 2.) Should Republicans support an increase in the debt ceiling or stand by their small government principles and refuse.
Unfortunately for the country, this party debate is not concerned about whether 30 million uninsured Americans will have access to affordable health insurance or whether the country will default on its financial obligations. 
No, the debate within the party is about how their position on these two key issues will affect their re-election chances in 2014.  


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