Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New GOP Same As The Old GOP

It has been well documented that the Republican Party and the federal government have been held hostage by two powerful groups that are more concerned with their own self interests than the good of the country…the Tea Party and the NRA.
Time and time again these conservative organizations have found their views to be wildly unpopular with a vast majority of the electorate.  Yet they continue to turn a blind eye to popular opinion as they retreat further and further into the fringe of American politics.
The Tea Party has used fear mongering and hate speech to legitimize their obstructionist tactics in congress.  The NRA has used its massive PR machine to bludgeon moderates within the Party who would dare to seek a more conciliatory tone.
The result has been the continued decline in the Party’s status on the national political stage and the loss of 5 out of the last 6 popular votes in national elections.
Yet the hate speech and the hypocrisy continue.
Yesterday Tea Party darling Senator Ted Cruz was speaking at a rally.  Cruz has not formally announced his candidacy for president but his recent visits to key primary states is no coincidence.
Cruz was asked why the Republicans had not yet impeached the president. 
His answer: “Because we don’t have the votes.”
Wrong answer!
The correct answer, given by a legitimate candidate would have gone something like this: 
“We have not impeached the president because he has not committed an impeachable act.  We may disagree with many of his polices.  But his policies are legal within the boundaries of the law and the constitution.  If we want to rid ourselves of this president’s policies…the way to do that is to elect a Republican to the White House.”
The NRA has been an uncompromising rival against anyone who even whispers the words “gun control.”  Their most recent success came in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre when the president attempted to pass legislation requiring back ground checks on all gun purchases.  Part of the original bill established a national registry for all guns and gun owners.  The NRA successfully argued that the only reason for a national gun registry was: “to track them, tax them or take them.”
BuzzFeed and the New York Magazine are reporting the while the NRA may hate the idea of a gun registry they have been secretly maintaining a registry of their own for years.  The registry, which includes tens of millions of gun owners, has been compiled WITHOUT their knowledge or consent.
When asked about the existence of the registry an NRA spokesperson replied: “It’s none of your business.”
Apparently it is ok for the NRA to maintain a national gun registry without the knowledge or consent of tens of millions of gun owners.  We just can’t trust the feds to so the same.
In the wake of their 2012 electoral debacle the Republican Party promised a kinder, gentler version of the GOP that embarrassed itself over the past several years.  They promised to be more tolerant and more inclusive; to reach out to women, minorities and youthful voters.
The 2014 elections are fast approaching. 
The kinder, gentler more inclusive GOP has yet to be seen.


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