Tuesday, August 13, 2013

North Carolina Takes Steps To Stem Rampant Voter Fraud

In recent years the state of North Carolina has seen its elections tainted by an avalanche of voter fraud.
The North Carolina state legislature has responded.
Yesterday, North Carolina Governor Pat McCory signed into law one of the strictest voter I’d laws in the land.  The law requires voters to produce a picture I’d, eliminates one week of early voting, ends same day registration and prohibits out of precinct voting.
The law comes in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision that wiped out part of the Voting Rights Act which required 15 mostly southern states (including North Carolina) with a history of discrimination to obtain federal approval before making any changes in their voting procedures.
In the 2012 elections and primaries there were 6,975,000 votes cast in North Carolina.
There were 121 cases of voter fraud brought up for prosecution by the North Carolina District Attorney.
That’s .0000174% of all votes cast…


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