Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Republicans Continue To Self-Destruct

We have been talking about the Republican Party’s stated desire to be a more “inclusive” party…to be more “receptive” to women, gays and ethnic minorities…to bring everyone together under one “big tent.”
Last week the Republicans demonstrated just how inclusive they can be by threatening to block the president’s immigration reform initiative unless it includes provisions that make it harder for Hispanics and other minorities to vote.
Yesterday they turned their coveted gun sights on women.
In another direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, the Republican led House passed the most far reaching anti-abortion bill in history.  The bill, which would restrict abortions to the first 20 weeks after conception rejects laws passed in most states that allow abortions until the fetus becomes viable, usually considered to be around 24 weeks. 
The bill has no chance of passing the Democrat led senate.  And even if it did it would never survive the president’s veto.
So you have to ask yourself this question…if you are truly serious about courting the “women” vote…why would you pass a bill that is not only dead on arrival but will only serve to damage your brand  even further in the eyes of women.
Republicans say they want to be more inclusive.  Yet day after day we here them talking about “legitimate rape” and offering such insightful advise as: ‘women need to prepare for rape, just like I carry a spare tire in the trunk.”
Last week Republicans alienated Hispanics…this week its women.  What’s next?
We can’t wait to see how they court the LGBT community.
The “Big Tent” initiative continues.

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