Saturday, June 8, 2013


Haveyoueverfoundyourselfinaroomwithagroupofpeoplewhoarealltalkingatthesametimeandoveroneanotherandtheconversationissoconfusingthateverythingrunstogetherandyoucan’t figureoutwhoisonwhatsideoftheargumentandeverythingisajumbledmessandthenoiseissolouditmakesyourheadhurt?
That is how we feel about the dialogue coming out of Washington over the news that the federal government has been monitoring our telephone and internet records.
Barak Obama is a liberal…a big government Socialist if you believe those on the far right. 
The Obama Justice Department seizes the phone records of a bunch of AP and FOXNEWS reporters.  The reason given is to ferret out leaks that endanger national security.  The liberal press is outraged.  Conservatives on the Hill scream “government over reach.”  The Republican House initiates a zillion investigative hearings.  Just more Washington partisan politics!  All is right in the universe.
Then we learn that the Obama administration has ordered Verizon to hand over the phone records of ALL of their customers by way of a secret order handed down by the secret FISA Court.  We learn that this “phone dump” has been going on for quite some time!  The liberals once again are outraged.  Conservatives not so much!  Lindsey Graham says: “if you’re not talking to terrorists you’ve got nothing to worry about.” Big government…bad!  Big government seizing everyone’s phone records…good!
THEN we learn that the Obama administration has been tapped into the servers of the largest internet service providers in the world.  They have access to our emails, tweets, blogs, chat, facebook postings etc. etc.  The Senate can barely stifle yawn because they have known about this for years.  Big government liberals are outraged at the intrusion by their trusted government.  Meanwhile small government conservatives support the president’s actions.
Are you following this?
We have liberals setting their hair on fire over what they perceive is a big government gone rogue.  Conservatives on the other hand are against seizing the PRESS phone records…but ok with seizing the phone records and tapping into the internet activity of millions of Americans without one shred of evidence that they have done anything wrong…accept the Tea Party guys like Paul and Cruz who are against everything…right?
When congress passed the Patriot Act without reading the bill they opened a Pandora’s Box that is only now coming to light.
Now we understand why the gun nuts feel that if you pass legislation on back ground checks “the next thing you know they’ll be coming for our guns.”

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