Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And so it continues...

The latest Washington kerfuffle over government’s infringement on our privacy provides us with just another example of the hypocrisy that occurs when extremist ideology meets reality.
For today’s lesson we call once again on Senator John McCain’s mini-me, Senator Lindsey Graham.
Please hearken back to the gun control debate, specifically the uproar over what seemed to us to be the common sense policy of requiring background checks on gun purchases.  Senator Graham and his ilk were apoplectic that a universal background check was the first step in a concerted effort by the Obama administration to take our guns.”  Senator Graham, the NRA and right wing conspiracy theorists and small government aficionados by the score all echoed the same sentiment…once you allow background checks you open the door to a national gun registry…and the only reason to have a national gun registry is so the government can “find them, tax them and take them.”  Senator Graham and his posse viewed this national database as a constitutional violation of our right to bear arms and our right to privacy.  Their concerns based in part on a fundamental distrust of the government.
Now we learn that the government has compiled a mammoth national database that includes all of our phone calls, texts, emails, tweets, chats, postings, blogs etc.  Stunningly Senator Graham and is his neo-con buddies are big government advocates: “I have no problem with the government accessing my phone records…if you aren’t doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about.”  Apparently the good senator trusts the government to do the right thing with these records.
Allow us to summarize…
Big intrusive government…bad.
Big intrusive government that that wants to keep items that kill people out of the hands of criminals and the mentally impaired…very bad.
Big intrusive government that wants to access the communications of all law abiding Americans without cause…good.
And so it continues…


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