Monday, June 17, 2013

Congratulations To Our Elected Representatives!

As you know the blockbuster story in Washington these days concerns the government’s controversial surveillance program.  Members of both the House and Senate have expressed their outrage over the news that the government is systematically accessing our phone records and internet communications.  Many lawmakers have claimed complete ignorance over the program’s very existence.
Last Thursday the Senate summoned National Intelligence Director James Clapper, NSA Director Keith Alexander and representatives from the FBI, the Justice Department and the FISA Court to the Hill to conduct a private briefing on the subject.
Only 47 senators bothered to show up…less than half.
It seems that the rest of this august group wanted to get out of town early for a long weekend.
At the same time that most of the senators were heading for the airport, Gallup was asking Americans to rank their confidence level in 16 societal institutions such as the military, business, organized labor, the press etc.  American’s confidence in congress is down to 10%, ranking the lawmaking institution last on the list for the fourth straight year.  Gallup reports that the 10% ranking is the lowest ranking for ANY institution on record.
Congratulations to our elected representatives!     

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