Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mitt Romney Has A Really Bad Day

Rick Santorum went three for three yesterday; winning caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota as well as a non-binding primary in Missouri.  His sweep is certain to re-energize the conservative base and demonstrates once again their rejection of Mitt Romney.
Even more stunning than Santorum’s win is the way that Romney underperformed in these contests.  Romney not only lost three states that he won in 2008; he received on average less than half of the votes that he received in 2008. 
Yesterday was not so much a vote for Rick Santorum as a referendum against Mitt Romney.  When conservatives look at Mitt Romney they see a very successful businessman.  But when the size him up against all of the other issues that people care about they have trouble understanding what he really believes.  Romney has been campaigning for President for the past six years and has yet to find his footing within the Republican Party.
No question, Rick Santorum deserves another look.  He can now say that he has won more states than any other candidate.  He is the one Republican candidate that has been consistent with his message throughout the campaign.  And that message resonates with conservatives; something Romney has been unable to do.
Mitt Romney has let Rick Santorum and even Newt Gingrich back in the game.  After his big win in Florida he was cruising going into the bottom of the ninth.  But he blew the save and now the game continues.
Rick Santorum posted a big win last night.  But the bigger story is just how badly Romney performed.     

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