Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let Romney Be Romney

There has been a lot written about Mitt Romney’s recent gaff about the poor.
During a CNN interview Romney said:  “I’m not concerned about the very poor.  There is a safety net there.  If it needs repair; I’ll fix it.”
As expected, Democrats and anti- Romney Republicans piled on; criticizing Romney for being out of touch with the electorate.
Here’s the thing.  Romney is not your run of the mill typical American.  He is uber-wealthy.  He comes from privilege.  But for some reason he keeps trying to make us believe that he is one of us.  His recent brain cramp comes on the heels of several other telling miss-statements that provide insight into who he really is. 
“I enjoy firing people who provide me services.”  “I’m currently unemployed.”  “I can remember worrying about getting a pink slip.” “I get income from making speeches from time to time; but not very much ($360,000).” These are all statements made by a very wealthy guy who has no concept of what life is like for most Americans.  This is what happens when Romney gets off his leash.  We get a glimpse behind the “Romneybot” into the true essence of the man. 
So here are some words of advice to the candidate if he really wants to win the election and be a successful President.
Stop trying to be something you’re not. 
You are a wildly successful businessman who has a vision for the country.  Embrace your success; and tell us how you will use your life experience to bring that success to the American people.  FDR and JFK never had a paper route.  They seemed ok with it. 
Oh, and one more thing!
Never, ever utter the words…I’m-not-concerned-about-the-very-poor…in the same sentence.       

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