Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Buffet Rule"...Just More Partisan Politics

Senate Democrats have taken the first legislative steps to implement the “Buffet Rule” into law.  The “Buffet Rule” would amend the tax code to require anyone making over $1 million dollars pay a minimum federal tax of 30%. 
Democrats are selling this legislative endeavor as a response to the issue of “fairness” and the ever growing disparity in income inequality in the country.  Republicans have denounced the proposal as a “job killer” and more evidence of “class warfare.”  
From our perspective this legislation is just a cheap political trick to force Republicans to go on record as supporting millionaires and billionaires over the struggling middle class and working poor. 
The tax code is unfair.  The tax code needs to be reformed so that ALL taxpayers pay a fair share of their income.  Arbitrarily raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans is just as discriminatory as allowing them tax breaks and subsidies not available to the rest of the population.
If Democrats want to make the case that there is inequality in our society and injustice in our tax code; then they should offer real substantive solutions.
The “Buffet Rule” is just more partisan politics.        

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