Monday, February 6, 2012

Just Plain Lyin'

The American people got some good news this weekend.
The Bureau of Labor and Statistics announced that the economy produced 243,000 new jobs in January; 93,000 more than expected.  The Bureau also announced that it had revised its December jobs number upward to 202,000.  Included in the 243,000 new jobs were 50,000 new manufacturing jobs; the largest increase in that sector since 2005. 
January marks the 23rd straight month of job growth in the country.  3,750,000 new jobs have been created since President Obama took office.  On the day he was inaugurated the economy was losing jobs at a rate of 750,000 per month.
The DOW responded positively to the January jobs report jumping 156.82 points to close at 12,862.83; the highest close since May of 2008.
So this is good news for the country!  Right?  Go USA! 
Not if you’re a Republican.
Unable to allow even a glimmer of hope to shine through the partisan wall they have constructed; the Republican leadership trotted out their talking points to throw cold water on the jobs report.  Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy and Henslering all took their shots at disparaging any thought that the President’s policies might be working.
“We can do better.”  Where are the jobs?”  “The President’s policies are killing the economy.”
It is fair for Republicans to believe that they could do better.  It’s fair to for them to state that their policies would have produced a bigger and faster turnaround.  That’s their right.
But when Republicans say the President’s policies are not working…that’s just plain lyin’.


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