Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This Is Just Stupid

As we watched the recent Republican debate we found it very hard to follow the logic in their economic plans.  We are lousy at math; but even for simple folks like us the numbers just don’t add up.
To a man, and woman, the candidates want to increase defense spending.  Even though we are spending more on defense than ever before they want more.
At the same time that they want to increase defense spending they all want to lower taxes.  Cain wants to reduce the corporate and personal tax rates to 9%.  Santorum wants to reduce the corporate rate to “zero” and reduce the top personal rate to 28%.  Bachman’ God love her, wants to reduce all tax rates to “zero”.  She says we should: “be able to keep ALL the money we earn.” What?
Now, if we remember correctly, George W. Bush reduced taxes at the same time he increased military spending to enable him to wage two wars.  How did that work out?
And if Bachman has her way; how in the hell to you pay for anything, much less defense, if we are all “able to keep all the money we earn”?
We understand politics and playing to your base.  But this isn’t even “voodoo economics”.  This is just stupid.

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