Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Republicans Vote "No" To Putting People Back To Work

The GOP successfully blocked the President’s jobs bill Tuesday night.  The bill failed in a procedural vote 50-48 meaning that the bill in its entirety will not come up for a vote in the Senate.  The White House is considering bringing pieces of the bill up once again in the hope that Republicans will be hesitant to vote “No” on components that they had previously supported.
Don’t bet the ranch on that one.  Republicans have shown that logic, fairness and compassion have no place in their politics.  The mantra seems to be: “first we defeat Obama then we fix the economy.”  They seem to forget that many of those 1.6 million that they chose not to help vote Republican.
What happened Tuesday night is the Republicans said “No” to putting 1.6 million people back to work because they don’t want to pay for it by raising taxes on the wealthy constituents that fund their re-election campaigns.  The added benefit to a “No” vote is that they deprive the President of a “win” right before the election.  So adamant are they in defeating the President that they would rather the economy continue to suffer than assist the President in helping the American people. 
The GOP led House will not even put the President's jobs plan up for a vote.  They say they don't have the time right now because there are other measures in line to be debated first.  For example, on Thursday, for the zillionth time since Republicans took control of the House, they will debate yet another bill on abortion.

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