Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Romney Wins Latest Republican Food Fight

The Republican Party held another debate last night that had all the theatrics of a food fight.  This time Herman Cain joined Mitt Romney in the hot seat. 
Cain, who is the current flavor of the week, was forced to defend his 9-9-9 plan.  He failed.  Perry and Romney were easily able to attack the gaping holes in the plan and eventually even Cain admitted that his plan would raise taxes.  This on the heels of a pre-debate kerfuffle where Cain said he would release all the detainees in Gitmo in exchange for one American soldier.  He later said he mis-spoke but the damage was done.  In another interview Cain said: “No, I don’t know the name of the President of uzbeckybeckybeckystan; do you?  Next debate…international affairs.  Oh boy!  Herman Cain is a wonderful success story.  But he is not qualified to be President.
Perry had his best performance so far.  But then again the bar was set pretty low.  A feisty Perry went after Romney and Cain on several issues.  Unfortunately he once again had trouble articulating his point.  If your standard is that the candidate is awake, upright and talking…Perry did well.
Romney once again proved to be the better debater if not the clear nominee.  He did get a bit snippy at times and his back and forth shouting match with Perry was far from presidential.  Calling for the moderator to silence those who were taking his allotted time was pretty weak. 
Romney was the clear winner once again.  His numbers will probably not move much until after the first primaries.  Republicans have yet to embrace him as their guy but if the current field of contenders is all they’ve got…then Romney will emerge as the nominee.

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