Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Republicans Failing To Fill Leadership Void

The Republican candidates will be holding another debate this evening and there is a lot at stake.  With the primary season starting in early January the candidates need to make the most of every opportunity to correct previous flubs and make their best case. 
The pundits will be looking for certain “tells” from each candidate.
Can Mitt Romney put on another strong, steady performance and cement his lead?  Can Rick Perry reverse a string of horrible debate performances and look Presidential?  Can Herman Cain continue his rise in the eyes of pollsters?  And can Michelle Bachman do anything to rekindle the embers of her dying campaign?
We’ll be looking for something slightly different.
We’ll be looking to see if anyone has the courage to say “yes, I believe Barak Obama loves his country”.  We’ll be looking to see if anyone has the spine to call out those who question Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs.  We’ll be looking to see if anyone dares to say that applauding the execution of 234 human beings is just wrong.  And we’ll be looking to see if anyone has the strength to call out those who would boo a US Marine because he is gay.
It is one thing to stand behind a podium and regurgitate the same old talking points that you have practiced for hours on end.  But to stand up to your “supporters” and call them out for egregious behavior is a whole different ballgame.
The lack of political courage demonstrated by these candidates over the past several weeks is embarrassing.  So fearful are they of offending the far right faction of their party that they are unwilling to stand up to even the most reprehensible behavior exhibited by their supporters.
We constantly hear from Republicans that the President has failed to lead.  Well if there is such a void in leadership then why doesn’t someone from their party step in and fill it? 
There is more to being President than wearing a dark suit and a flag pin.  Being President requires leadership and strength of character. And sometimes that means calling out one of your own.   

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