Monday, September 26, 2011

Perry's Stock Continues To Fall

If the recent Republican debates have taught us one thing it is this…Rick Perry should stay very far away from public debates.
On the heels of what was probably his worst debate performance yet, the Texas governor’s campaign seems on the verge of falling off the proverbial cliff.  Conservative pundits spent the weekend raking Perry over the coals for his abysmal performance.  FOX NEWS pundit, Britt Hume summed it up best saying: “he (Perry) threw up all over himself.” 
Perry’s campaign, which rocketed to the lead just a few short weeks ago, seems to be flaming out.  Not only did Perry choke in the debate, appearing stiff and unsure while making several comments sure to alienate his base; he lost the Florida Straw Poll as well.  Pizza magnate Herman Cain was the winner easily outdistancing the trailing Perry and Romney.
Michelle Bachman was the only other candidate to make news…and not in a good way.  Bachman garnered a pathetic 1.5% of the Florida Straw vote and continued her gravitational pull toward the bottom.   Bachman’s stock has been in steep decline since Perry entered the race.  This recent effort all but signals the end to her candidacy.
In the end Romney was the last man standing.  Unless you take Cain’s candidacy seriously, which very few do, Romney continues to be the best bet to win the nomination.  He was strong, well spoken and by far the most Presidential candidate in the field.  While the other candidates gang up on Perry, Romney can remain above the fray as the only adult in the room.
Perry is not out of it yet, but it is becoming more and more apparent that he is just another in a long list of Republican candidates who come on to the scene like a house on fire only to flame out when the klieg lights come on.  Like Trump and Bachman before him, Perry’s bombastic personality could only go so far in concealing his lack of substance.
It’s Romney versus the field.  The Republican Party is not crazy about Romney but they like the field even less.  Unless someone like Chris Christy or Jeb Bush changes their, mind Republicans will have to settle for Romney.            

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