Thursday, September 8, 2011

Can Obama Restore Respect In The Presidency?

The President will address a joint session of Congress tonight.  His speech will begin at 7:00 eastern; which is 4:00 on the west coast.  The reason for the early start…because an address by the President of the United States, the leader of the free world, addressing the critical job crises in our country is now less important than the start of the National Football League season.
The President’s speech tonight is not just about growing jobs in America…it is about restoring the respect of the office of the Presidency.
During the past three years of the Obama administration many have come to question the relevance of this President and his office in shaping our national policy. The President has seen his birthright questioned and his phone calls ignored.  His opponents have stonewalled most of his legislative agenda.  They have viewed his willingness to compromise as a sign of weakness and used his pragmatism to back him into a corner.  Even when he has capitulated to their terms they have refused him a victory.  One by one they have swatted away his campaign promises as a mere annoyance.  His health care bill should have been the gold star accomplishment of his administration.  But in the end the legislation was so watered down his supporters were just as angry as his detractors.  For the first time in history the holder of his office has been denied the opportunity to address a joint session of Congress; asked to call again on another day.  They even had the audacity to shout out “you lie” in the midst of his State of the Union address.
We have said it before and we’ll say it again…the power brokers in Washington do not fear this President.  More importantly they do not respect him or the office he holds.
Tonight the President has the opportunity to right that wrong.  He will address the members of Congress and put forth his plans to create jobs and jump start the economy.  Once again history will be made as some of his detractors will not be in attendance; boycotting to show their distain and lack of respect.  We are hopeful that he will challenge those in attendance.  We are hopeful that he will offer a plan that is both big and bold in its scope and effective in its result.  We hope that he will back up his words with action; taking to the streets to sell his ideas.
The time for pragmatism is over.  Pragmatism has not gotten this President anywhere.  The country needs a leader; one who will fight for his beliefs not capitulate for the sake of nicety.  The country wants a President who is willing to throw a punch not just take one for the team.
After eight years of George W. Bush and now three years of Barak Obama the office of the President has somehow lost the respect that it once had.  Obama needs to restore that respect.  Not just for himself and his re-election, but for the country. 
The country and arguably the world need a strong President of the United States.  Can Barak Obama fill the role?  The country and the world will be watching.         

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