Thursday, September 22, 2011

Far Right Slaps Down Boehner And Republican Leadership

The partisan gridlock continued yesterday as the House failed to pass a continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown next week.  The resolution was defeated 195-230 as 48 Republicans joined Democrats in voting down the resolution.  The Democrats opposed the measure because Republicans had attached offsetting cuts in FEMA disaster relief to the CR.  The 48 Republicans voted “No” believing that the cuts were not drastic enough.  The loss was an embarrassing slap in the face to Republican leadership.  Once again the far right members of the Republican caucus defied the wishes of Speaker Boehner and the party leadership.  
You can now add disaster victims to the long list of people who’s funding/benefits the Republicans would rather cut than increase taxes on millionaires and billionaires.  They join welfare recipients, the unemployed, the elderly, the retired, the infirmed, women’s health care providers, government employees, teachers, policemen, fire fighters, students, NYC first responders and disabled veterans.     

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