Monday, September 19, 2011

Class Warfare

The President will unveil his plan to reduce the deficit in a Rose Garden address this morning.  According to “unnamed White House sources” the plan will cut $3 trillion from the deficit over the next decade.
There are numerous components to the plan; but the one that has Republicans all a twitter calls for the removal of tax loopholes and a separate, higher tax rate for those making over $1 million dollars. 
House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan was quick to trot out the Republican talking points; accusing the President of dealing in “class warfare”.  “Class warfare may be good politics but it makes for bad economics.” said Ryan.
So if setting a separate tax rate for millionaires and billionaires is class warfare what does Congressman Ryan call holding unemployment benefits hostage in order to provide tax cuts for those same millionaires and billionaires?  What does he call requiring drug testing for those who apply for unemployment benefits or requiring poor people who don’t have a driver’s license or passport, to produce a photo I’d to vote.
Republicans are well schooled in the art of class warfare.  They are quick to defend the rights of the upper class who fill their political coffers with millions. 
The rest of us…not so much.

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