Wednesday, June 24, 2015

This & That

HARSH REALITY – Reverend Clementa C. Pinckney was a Senior Pastor of the Emmanuel AME Church of Charleston, South Carolina and a Democratic member of the South Carolina State Senate. On Wednesday June 17th Reverend Pinckney and eight of his fellow parishioners were shot and killed as they met for a bible study in the church. Their killer…Dylann Roof…a self-proclaimed advocate of white supremacy. Their sin…being black.
Today the body of Senator Pinckney will lie in state under the State Capitol rotunda. Tens of thousands of mourners are expected to arrive at the Capitol to pay their respects. As they enter the Capitol grounds they will file past a standard bearing the Battle Flag of the Confederacy; which proudly waves at full staff high above. The very flag that Dylann Root proudly waved as a symbol of his fealty to white supremacy before he took Clementa Pinckney’s life.

SARAH PALIN – FOXNEWS announced that it will not be renewing the former Alaska Governor’s contract. Palin served as a paid contributor for the network where she offered her expert opinion on a host of issues that she never researched. To her credit Ms. Palin never allowed her lack of preparation or knowledge to stand in the way of expressing her uninformed views. The entertainment value of her appearances will be sorely missed.

LOUISANNA GOVERNOR BOBBY JINDAL – Republican Governor Jindal is expected to formerly announce today that he will be seeking his party’s nomination for the presidency. Governor Jindal has the lowest approval rating of any governor in the country.

NEW JERSEY GOVERNOR CHRIS CHRISTY – Republican Governor Christy is expected to formerly announce his candidacy next week. Governor Christy has the second lowest approval rating of any governor in the country. Are we seeing a pattern here?

DONALD TRUMP – A recent Suffolk University poll has Trump running second among Republican presidential hopefuls. That makes me smile! We must have “The Donald” on that debate stage. Keep up the good work, America!

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