Tuesday, June 23, 2015

These Are The Serious Matters Of Our Times

Today I would like to take a moment to step back from the ridiculous debate that has dominated the news. You know the one I’m referring to. The ridiculous debate over whether the Battle Flag of the Confederacy…a symbol of hatred, violence, divisiveness, bigotry, white supremacy and the subjugation of the black race…should be displayed on the South Carolina statehouse grounds. A statehouse where the elected government in session is supposed to represent ALL the citizens…even the black ones.

Before leaving the subject allow me to offer a tip of the hat to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley for calling upon the state legislature to remove the flag. While I applaud her seemingly heartfelt decision I must admit that I wonder why it took the slaughter of nine innocents praying in a church to come to this sudden shift of conscience. Perhaps the good governor and her Party’s presidential candidates were simply tired of being embarrassed as they stumbled to find the politically correct answer to the question of the flag’s continued display. Perhaps the governor and her Party’s presidential candidates were growing weary of getting beaten up in the press for their acceptance of campaign donations from hate groups like Council of Conservative Citizens. Regardless of the motivation, Governor Haley was right when she said that although “the flag represents a part of South Carolina’s past it does not represent its future. It’s time to take down the flag.” Governor…it’s way past time.

It should be noted that it takes a 2/3rds vote in the South Carolina legislature to take down the flag. A whip count shows that 65% of the members who were willing to speak publically said they would vote in favor of the flag’s removal. 35% said they would oppose. But only 50% of the state representatives were willing to go on the record leaving the other 50% still waiting for the political winds to determine which way they will vote. The answer to this entire fiasco is obvious. But even the obvious can prove difficult for some political leaders; forcing them to search deep within themselves to find righteous principles long forgotten.

Now let me turn the page and move from the ridiculous debate over the flag to a far more serious subject in the annals of Republican politics…the upcoming Republican Presidential Debates.

Play close attention as I will be asking for your help at the end of my comments.

The Republican Party in its infinite wisdom has ceded the logistics of the upcoming debates to the Party’s communication department…FOX/NEWS. Given the large number of Republican presidential hopefuls there could be as many as 20 candidates fighting for the nomination when the debate schedule begins. FOX has informed the Party leaders that having all 20 hopefuls appear on the debate stage together is an unwieldy proposition. So FOX has informed the Party that it will winnow down the field by allowing only the hopefuls who are ranked among the top ten in the most recent national polls to appear on the stage.

“Houston, we have a problem.”

The recent NBC NEWS/WALL STREET JOURNAL poll shows that Carly Fiorina comes in at number ten on the list. The poll leaves serious politicians Kasich, Jindal, Pataki, Graham and Santorum sitting at the kids’ table. And here lies the travesty that I need your help to avoid.

If the polls continue as they are; joining these serious candidates at the kids table will be a not so serious politician…Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has stated that he is running for president. I take him at his word.

We need Donald Trump in these debates. Only Donald Trump can give right wing policies the spotlight they so richly deserve. Only the bloviating Trump can be counted on to put political correctness aside and add entertainment value to what will otherwise be a buttoned up snooze fest. Admit it…no matter the question nor to whom it is directed…you will be paying little attention to what the other candidates’ are saying as you wait on the edge of your seat for Trump’s response. He won’t answer any of the questions without first engaging in a narcissistic rant untethered from any point of reality. It will be epic television.

NARRATOR: “Mr. Trump, how do you respond to Governor Bush’s position on Common Core?”

TRUMP: “He’s a loser. “Bush, Rubio, Perry…they’re all losers. I’m VERY rich.”

We must have “The Donald” in these debates. And that is why I need your help.

If you are contacted by ANY pollster between now and the debates and they ask if you could see yourself supporting Trump’s run for the presidency…I’m begging you please say “YES.” Only by moving Donald Trump into a Top 10 position in the polls can we assure ourselves of a televised event unsurpassed in modern history.

Does Trump have any shot at winning the nomination? Doubtful! But then this is the party that sees Ted Cruz as a serious contender. Unlike the other candidates, Trump has more than enough of his own money to keep him in the race till the end. That financial freedom allows him to say whatever crazy thought enters his head without fear of offending some billionaire benefactor.

“Trump Unchained!” It could be epic!

So say “YES” to “The Donald” and allow the clown show’s biggest attraction to appear on the big stage.

I said we would move on from the ridiculous debate in South Carolina to a far more serious subject in the annals of Republican politics. This is as serious as Republican politics gets.
It’s not my fault that it continues to border on the ridiculous.

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