Thursday, August 14, 2014

What say you, senator?

Kudos to the Obama administration! The president has cobbled together a coalition of the “less than enthused” to enter the fight in Iraq.

The French have agreed to stop selling weapons to the Russians and arm the Kurds. The Brits have provided humanitarian aid; concerns over a cameo as Obama’s Tony Blair at least temporarily assuaged. Turkey and Jordan have stepped up as well. And two unlikely partners, Saudi Arabia and Iran, have called on Iraq’s embattled prime minister to step down.

Meanwhile America’s 500+ “military advisors” in the region have determined that the numbers of Yazidi refugees stranded on Mt. Sinjar are less than previously believed. American bombing runs have made it possible for many refugees to escape lessening the likelihood of an US protected Moses like exodus.

ISIS is still out there seeking to sterilize the region of anyone who does not share in their radial religious beliefs. While the situation on Mt. Sinjar may be drawing to a close the number of Iraqis seeking aid and comfort from the ISIS onslaught is growing.

Senators McCain and Graham have been vocal in their criticism of the president’s policies. They see the president as being week on foreign policy. They blame his indecisiveness for the rise of ISIS in both Syria and Iraq and the humanitarian disaster that ensued. Domestically they like to lay the plight of millions of illegal immigrants at his feet. They see the lack of comprehensive immigration reform and the resulting mess on our borders as a prime example of his failed domestic agenda.

“The president has failed to lead!” is their mantra…“Leading from behind” their slogan.

I see the unrest in Iraq and the situation along our southern borders as opportunities for the good senators to step up and demonstrate firsthand the type of leadership they see lacking in our president.

It has been widely reported the Senator McCain and his wife own several homes…though they can’t seem to remember the exact number. Perhaps Senator McCain could open their homes to some of the displaced Iraqis; providing them the aid and comfort that he has accused the president of denying.

Senator Graham has been slurping at the federal government trough since 1995. Perhaps he could demonstrate the “American leadership” that he is always going on about and give something back to the country. Maybe tent cities in his backyard to provide shelter to some of the unattended children that have been dragged illegally across our border through no fault of their own.

American leadership!

What say you, senator?

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