Monday, August 25, 2014

Michael Brown Is Buried...Racism Lives On

Michael Brown will be laid to rest today.

The shooting of the eighteen year old black youth by local police led to three weeks of violent protests that gripped the nation.

I do not know if Michael Brown was a homicide victim or a perpetrator who brought about his own violent demise. The investigation into Brown’s death is still ongoing.

I do know this.

Michael Brown’s remains were left to lay in the middle of the street for four plus hours while police officers, detectives and members of the coroner’s office casually went about their business. For over thirty minutes his body laid uncovered as it bled out; fodder for cell phone videos and social media aficionados. It took another two hours for his body to be posted in by the coroner’s office. The lack of decency that his remains were shown speaks volumes. Victim or perpetrator; he deserved better.

Micheal Brown's death and subsequent treatment led to three weeks violent protests as heavily armed white policemen battled black protestors. I do not condone the violence and vandalism, but in some regard I understand it.

Imagine if you will the subsequent events if Michael Brown were a white youth shot by a black cop in an affluent or middle class white community. Anyone who thinks the white victim’s family and remains would have been treated in such a callus manner is delusional.

Michael Brown’s death and the events that followed are undeniable proof that the cancerous growth of racism continues to threaten the very heart our society.

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