Sunday, August 17, 2014

"Gearing Up" American Style

My wife recently took a trip overseas. In preparation we had several discussions about safety, securing valuables etc. As I look back on those conversations I have to laugh given what we are witnessing in our own communities.

Bedroom communities like Sandy Hook, CT have become killing fields. Mass shootings are commonplace. The past few days every news channel carries videos of the Ferguson Police department bearing arms that rival the US military.

We live in a violent society where the carnage seems to escalate exponentially day by day. Yet rather than demonstrate a bit of political courage by passing common sense laws that might help to lessen the violence, our elected leaders hand out $4 billion in military grade weaponry to local law enforcement agencies.

We saw what happened to much of the weaponry that our government handed out to the Iraqi military. It ended up in the hands of the bad guys.

We need the government to invest in education, infrastructure and research.

The last thing our violent society needs is another arms dealer.

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