Thursday, November 7, 2013

Republicans Rain On Their Own Parade

You can’t make this stuff up!
Republican Governor Chris Christie has just been elected to a second term…by 22 points…in a very blue state…a state which Barak Obama won by double digits in 2012.
One would expect Republicans to be celebrating this very important landslide victory.  Kudos all around to the governor and his incredible campaign staff…right?
A party on the verge of political irrelevance thanks to its own political infighting and the wrongheaded decision to shut down the government finally has cause to celebrate a major victory.
“Celebrate good times, c’mon!”
Not this bunch!
Barely 24 hours after a major win Christie finds himself under attack…from within his own party.  Christie’s unpardonable sin apparently is his willingness to compromise to get things done.
When asked to comment on Christie’s victory, Senator Marco Rubio downplayed the win as insignificant.  “I think we need to understand that some of these races don’t apply to future races….every race is different…it has a different set of factors…but I congratulate him on his victory “
Senator Ted Cruz also congratulated the governor on his victory but added this caveat: “I think it is terrific that he is brash, he is outspoken, and that he won his race…But I think we need more leaders in Washington with the courage to stand for principle. And in particular, Obamacare is not working.”
Senator Rand Paul had a different take.  When asked to comment on Christie’s victory he went off on a rant criticizing political figures for using tax payer money to promote their candidacy.  Paul was referring to a series of television ads to promote tourism in New Jersey in which Christie made a cameo appearance.  The ads ran during the governor’s race.
To be clear…we do not agree with most of what Governor Christie stands for politically.  And his record as governor leaves a lot to be desired.  Unemployment in the Garden State is higher than the national average and 70% of those affected by Sandy are dissatisfied with the governor’s handling of the rebuilding efforts.  In fact a few of the storm’s victims have filed lawsuits to ask a very specific question…What happened to the $850 million in federal relief aid designated for Sandy victims?
That said, the guy just won a major landslide victory in a very blue state.  You would think his own party would give him some “props.”
Not this bunch!
Republicans continue to line up in a circular firing squad.
Democrats are smiling!     

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