Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cheney Family Feud A Distraction

Once you get past the clown show surrounding the escapades of mayor of Toronto you will find that today’s top political story concerns a family feud between the daughters of former Vice President and current war criminal, Dick Cheney.
Dick and Lynne Cheney have two daughters.  One, Mary Claire, is a gay woman who is married.  She and her spouse, Heather Poe, have two children.  The other, Elizabeth Lynne Cheney Perry, is a political opportunist who does not support her sister’s lifestyle.  The war of words between the two has gone viral.  Evidently the two sisters will not be spending the holidays together.
Dick and Lynne support Mary’s lifestyle and have come out in support of gay marriage.  Dick has not always held this view.  But Dick is not the first conservative to change his tune when ideological “family values” clash with the realities living under ones’ roof.  (See: Portman, Rob; US Senator R-OH.)
None of this would matter very much if not for the fact that Liz, the daughter of a former vice president and current war criminal, has decided to run for the US Senate seat currently held by Republican incumbent Mike Enzi.  The 69 year old Enzi, who has held the seat since 1997, had indicated that he might not be up for another six years in the fun house.     
Liz has not lived in the great state of Wyoming since she was a toddler.  She has no political experience.  She has lived off her lineage, plying her trade as a screechy talking head on FOXNEWS; voicing her opposition to anything that gets within 100 yards of the president.  
As we said, Liz is a political opportunist.  Seeing an opportunity, Liz moved back to Wyoming to take Enzi’s seat.  She had promised the incumbent that she wouldn’t run if he decided to return for another term.  Enzi decided to give it a go.  Liz decided to primary him from the right.  Her qualifications are: …she is Dick Cheney’s daughter…and Mike Enzi has been around for too long.  Simple!
The residents of the good state of Washington don’t seem to be very interested in the Cheney family feud…or for that matter in Liz’s bona fides.  Enzi leads Cheney by 53 points. 
If all of this fascination with the Cheney clan seems like nonsense…you’re right.  The sad part is that stories like this and the clownish mayor of Toronto distract the media and the public from focusing on topics that really matter…like jobs.
Jobs!  You remember “jobs” right?  The one thing that every Democrat and Republican running for office during the last election promised was that they would focus on the economy and create jobs.  Jobs!  Jobs!  Jobs!
So where are the jobs?
The DOW went over the 16000 mark yesterday.  Wall Street is cruising.  The top 1% of wage earners are rolling in it.  Yet Main Street is struggling.
The economy is still sluggish.  Unemployment is still high.  40% of the country makes less than $25,000.  Republicans refuse to consider a raise in the minimum wage.  They cut food stamps and other social safety net programs that millions depend on to exist.  They say these are handouts for the loafers and the takers.  But 47% of the people that rely on these programs work 40+ hours a week.  They just don’t make enough to take care of their families.  You can’t gin up the economy unless the middle class and working poor have the money they need to spend on groceries, diapers, etc. 
This isn’t about “loafing or taking.”  This is about surviving.
Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest employer, understands the plight of the working poor.  In keeping with the holiday spirit one Ohio Wal-Mart has set out large Rubbermaid bins near their main doors.  Each bin displays a sign that reads:  “Please donate food here so Associates in need can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.”
Seriously!  Perhaps Wal-Mart might consider paying their “Associates” a decent wage so they can afford to buy their own Thanksgiving dinner.  Wal- Mart posted profits in 2012 of $15.7 billion.
Enough with the Cheney clan and the freak show in Toronto!  The only story we want to see about Dick Cheney is the one where he is hauled off to The Hague in shackles and an orange jump suit.
These soap operas only serve to distract us from focusing on events that truly matter.
Jobs!  Jobs!  Jobs!


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