Sunday, September 29, 2013

Today Is D-day!

Today is D-day!  The day Washington begins to destroy our economy.
The Republican controlled House returned the Democrat controlled Senate’s “clean “continuing resolution to fund the government… and mucked it up with a footnote. 
The note demanded, among other things, a one year delay in the implementation of Obamacare.  Given the limited time remaining before Monday’s midnight deadline to forge a compromise, it would appear that a government shutdown is imminent.
It would appear that come Tuesday morning 800,000 federal government workers will be told to stay home…without pay.  Among them will be the nice people that send out those monthly benefit checks that tens of millions of Americans depend on.  The national parks will close.  And you might have to cancel that overseas business trip if you are waiting on a passport.
We don’t get it?  Why would Republicans risk crashing the economy and incurring the wrath of millions of voters over Obamacare?  If it the law is as bad as they say it is won’t people will hate it.  And if people hate it, won’t it eventually implode on itself?  Why risk taking a beating at the polls?
Ted Cruz inadvertently gave us the answer at a recent Q & A session with supporters.  Cruz said this is his party’s last chance to repeal Obamacare because “once people get addicted to the sugar you can never take it away.”
Translation…Republicans are frantic to repeal the law because they are scared to death that you will like it.  And if there is one thing that Republicans fear in their bones it is another successful government program…especially one passed by THIS president.
They won’t tell you that.  So they make stuff up to scare you.      
Republicans say that we should repeal Obamacare a myriad of reasons.  They say the law is too big and too cumbersome.  They say the sign up process is confusing and the paperwork a nightmare.  They say the rates are high and will go even higher.  They say that you won’t be able to get the coverage or services you need and that it will take forever to get a claim paid.
That sounds very similar to the system we have now…the one Republicans want us to return to.
So today is D-day.  The day Washington will begin to destroy our economy.
All because Republicans fear that Obamacare will actually work.      

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