Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Inmates Are Running The Asylum

Speaker John Boehner has surrendered control of the House of Representatives …to Senator Ted Cruz.
The Speaker announced that the House will vote on a continuing resolution to fund the government at the current sequestration levels EXCLUDING any and all funding for the Affordable Care Act.  The vote is expected to take place tomorrow.  After months of warning his caucus of the political perils of taking this action, the Speaker finally caved.
Senator Ted Cruz was almost giddy while appearing on FOX NEWS.  “I am pleased that the House has listened to the people.  I urge them to stand firm.”  Cruz’ remarks were a not so veiled attempt to lay any negative backlash at the feet of the House.
Boehner was having none of it.  “The House has voted 40 some times to repeal or defund Obamacare.  It’s time for the Senate to step up.”
Scores of conservative legislators and pundits weighed in to criticize Boehner’s decision.  Conservative King Maker Karl Rove called it “political suicide.”
Senator Cruz says that the House members are simply listening to the people.  If this action results in a government shutdown, and Social Security and Veterans Benefit checks fail to arrive on time, Cruz and Boehner will get more than an earful.       
The Republican Party controls one half of one third of the federal government.  The Tea Party Caucus controls less than half of the Republican Party.  Their purpose is twofold:  to further the interests of white, male, heterosexual, Christian gun owners and to defeat at any cost any measure offered by this black president.  Through fear mongering, hate speech, misinformation and obstruction they have managed to take control the entire federal government.
Bar the windows and bolt the doors.  The inmates are running the asylum.


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