Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Maddow: "Elections Do Matter"

There is an old saying in politics: “elections matter.” 
It is normally uttered by politicians who are urging their supporters to get to the polls. 
The truth is elections DO matter.  And last night one of the smartest people we know, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow made the point as only she can.
As the debate over the use of military force in Syria rumbles through the halls of congress Maddow asks this question:  “Where do you think we would have been in the last five years if John McCain would have been elected in 2008 instead of Barak Obama?” 
Maddow then went on to list the Middle East countries where a President McCain, armed with the authority to order military force without congressional approval, advocated US military intervention.
Iran – Remember McCain singing “bomb, bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran to the old Beach boys tune?  McCain advocated taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities.
Georgia – McCain pushed for US military assistance to the former Soviet state as they waged their battle against Russia.  “We are all Georgians now” McCain said.
Libya – McCain lobbied for the use of military force to remove Gadhafi…even if it meant going in alone without UN support.
Iraq – McCain voted for the war in Iraq and was against the withdrawal of US military troops.  He favored leaving at least 20,000 US troops in Iraq indefinitely “to protect the victories we have won.”
Afghanistan – McCain voted for the war in Afghanistan, approved the 30,000 troop surge and opposes our withdrawal.
Syria – McCain supports the president’s request for the use of military force against the Assad regime.  He does NOT believe that the president’s air strikes go far enough and recommends using whatever means necessary to remove Assad from power.
We have often said that John McCain never met a war he didn’t want to fight.  Well, there’s the proof.
Maddow ended the segment with this:  “I wonder what Vice President Sarah Palin would be contributing to the debate?”
That was just mean!

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