Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time For Obama To Speak Up On Gay Marriage

Vice President Joe Biden supports gay marriage.
Education Secretary Arne Duncan supports gay marriage.
President Obama is “evolving” on the issue. (Wink, wink)
The President continues to refuse to give his full throated support to gay marriage.  In those states where gay marriage is legal he says that married gay couples should have the same rights as straight couples.  But he has thus far refused to publically support the right of gay couples to enter into marriage in the first place.  He is “evolving”!  Perhaps he is channeling Darwin.
So, Mr. President, why the delay?  If everyone knows that you really do support gay marriage (wink, wink)…what’s the holdup?
The answer is North Carolina and Virginia.  These are two states that the Obama campaign feels are crucial to winning a second term.  And these are two states whose voters won’t take kindly to a President that supports gay marriage. 
In 2008, when Obama fever was running high, the President managed to win traditionally Republican Virginia.  He won North Carolina by a mere 14,000 votes.  There is no guarantee that the can pull off either victory again.  North Carolina voters are about to weigh in on a ballot initiative that would ban gay marriage in the state.  Mitt Romney has already come out against gay marriage.  So why rock the boat? …Wink, wink…
The problem with the President’s strategy is that by avoiding what appears to be the obvious he is calling his character into question.  He looks like he is flip-flopping on the issue for political gain.  That’s because he is.  And the base doesn’t like it one bit.
It’s time for the President to stop channeling Darwin and Mitt Romney and speak frankly to the issue. 
Tell the truth…and let the voters decide.


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