Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Santorum's Bush League Endorsement Of Romney...Costly

Rick Santorum endorsed presumptive nominee Mitt Romney for president and at the same time destroyed any chance of holding a position of power and influence within the party.
Santorum’s endorsement did not come in a rousing speech or an enthusiastic one on one with a major news outlet.  It came in the thirteenth paragraph…of an email…released at 11PM. 
Santorum had already irked the Romney campaign by avoiding pressure from the press to endorse the former governor once his own campaign had ended.  Santorum said any endorsement would come only after a face-to-face meeting with Romney.  Romney grudgingly agreed to the meeting.  Afterward Santorum proudly announced that Romney had promised, to his satisfaction, to include true conservatives in the Romney administration…intimating that Romney himself was not a true conservative.
Santorum obviously has an over inflated opinion of his position within the party.  He is bitter about the way he was carpet bombed by the Romney death star during the primaries.  He withheld his endorsement to extract a modicum of revenge.  But his bush league handling of this endorsement has ended any potential influence he might have had within the party.  The Romney campaign certainly does not trust him.  So Santorum supporters should not expect to see him as a coveted featured speaker at the convention…or anywhere else for that matter.   

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