Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama Finally Comes Out Of The Closet On Same Sex Marriage

President Obama finally came out in support of same sex marriage. 
The President, who has been “evolving” on the issue for quite some time, must have made the political calculation that it was time to come out of the closet.  Our guess is that North Carolina’s passage of a law banning same sex marriage signaled to the Obama campaign that there was no longer a political advantage to remaining silent.

There is no question that the President of the United States announcing his support for same sex marriage is a historic and monumental event for our country.  Perhaps President Obama's understanding of  the magnitude of his announcement played a part in his lengthy evolution.  We'll never know.    
From our prospective this is an issue that transcends politics.  It transcends the presidency and the power that office wields. This is a question of equality.  It is a question of whether or not we really believe that we as citizens of this country are ALL equal under the law. 

While we applaud the President for finally taking this stand, we would have preferred to hear him speak from the heart...without first assessing the political landscape. 

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